5 Piece Ill&Mal Canvas Wall Art


High Quality Canvas Print (Artwork by Omar Atef)

Omar Atef was working 50 hours on this masterpiece to create an illustration of the Brothers Stormrage! By buying this beautiful Art you are supporting the Artist himself.

  • Small: 2 pcs in 8x13" (20x33cm), 2 pcs in 8x17" (20x43cm), 1 pc in 8x21" (20x53cm)
  • Medium: 2 pcs in 12x19" (30x50cm), 2 pcs in 12x26" (30x65cm), 1 pc in 12x32" (30x80cm)
  • Large: 2 pcs in 15x24" (38x63cm), 2 pcs in 15x32" (38x82cm), 1 pc in 15x40" (38x100cm)

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